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Vocal and Acting Coach

Sally coaches students of all ages in acting and singing. She covers topics such as audition preparation, acting through song, dissecting texts, and creating full-bodied characters. Sally's students have booked jobs at Olney Theatre Center, Signature Theatre, Gala Hispanic Theatre, Nextstop Theatre Company, Theatre J, and more! Her students have been admitted into performance programs at Berkelee College of Music, Catholic University of America, American University, and George Mason University.

Sally's Training

Sally began teaching in her ballet studio at age 13, assisting the head teacher with students as young as five. Ever since, teaching has been an integral part of her life. She has taught in dance, voice and acting, and she maintains a voice and acting studio alongside her performance career.

For voice, Sally's training extends from Bel Canto, to the Swedish-Italian and Estill Methods. She uses a combined knowledge of these teachings with her intuitive and muscular approach to singing. For her, it's not about sounding good, but about controlling the muscles around the voice, and being able to access a variety of different placements. When refocusing on things we can control, like larynx height, vocal tilt and retraction, we take the pressure off sounding good and highlight the freedom and mobility of the voice. Sally firmly believes that the sound is a product of great placement, and a well-acted song is more compelling than the most impressive of voices.

Sally has an intuitive approach to acting, asking a plethora of questions to create a comprehensive backstory to the scenes and characters in question. She works with Jacques Lecoq's seven levels of tension as well as other movement techniques to free the actor to delight in new discoveries. Her acting students have competed in the DC Monologue Madness Competition, secured admission to theatre schools, as well as landed lead roles in professional and community productions. 


Want to try a lesson? Have an audition or show coming up? We can do a 40 minute or 55 minute session.

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