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Lucky Stiff

Sally Imbriano is lovely as Annabel Glick, the show’s ingenue. Imbriano brings a stunning vocal range, but she also brings great timing and an earnestness to her character’s more absurd moments. - Gwyneth Sholar, DC Theatre Arts


Mulan, Pocahontas and Badroulbadour were winsomely played with sarcastic verve by Sally Imbriano. Her Mulan was a hoot——the look of relief on her face at not having to play second fiddle to a man was a laugh-out-loud moment. 

-Mary Ann Johnson, MD Theatre Guide

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Lucky Stiff

The engaging character of Annabel Glick, the plainspoken representative of the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn, was given a fascinating interpretation by Sally Imbriano. Ms. Imbriano shone in the intriguing "Times Like This" and in her duet with Mr. Ribler entitled "Nice".  - David Friscic, Broadway World


George's White-Hot Scandals

Brava!  What a great show! Beautifully conceived, written, and performed.  I admire Sally bringing so much life to what was, no doubt, an almost empty space (live-streamed performance).  She filled it with vibrancy and warmth. Great work, against huge odds. - Nick Olcott, Director.


Always...Patsy Cline

Sally Imbriano's stunning vocals alone are worth the price of admission.... In total, she sings 19 titles, an impressive number of songs given the runtime. Her performances are warm, engaging, and memorable. -Julia Amis, DC Metro Theatre Arts


Songs for a Winter's Night

Sally combines gorgeous, deeply musical singing, top notch acting, with her added superpower: Storytelling. Sally draws her audiences into her world, holding them close with delight, empathy, and humor, leaving them warmed and changed. 

-Jane Margulies Kalbfeld, Casting Director Emeritus, 1st Stage

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