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Currently working on...

Sally and Michelle Lynch are collaborating to write a whimsical new musical, Me, Myself and I(magination). Inspired by her extensive background in MT and choral music, Sally composes a score with grit, vocal finesse, and entrancing harmonies. She's astounded by how quickly the musical motifs came to her; Michelle's words evoke a playful, pensive scene requiring an equally delightful score.


Additionally, Sally is currently Music Director for Nextstop Theatre Company's Freaky Friday, which will be playing this December! She's very excited to bring this family-focused story to the stage. 

Oct 2022 - The Mortification of Fovea Munson

Sally joins the Kennedy Center Theatre for Young Audiences in their workshop of Fovea Munson, a fantastical story of a young girl who gets stuck in her parents' lab for the summer... only to find that her parents' lab specimens can talk! Sally will join the cast as understudy Fovea Munson, Mom and Grandma Van in their March 2023 MainStage production.

July 2022 - Patsy in Always...Patsy Cline

Sally reprises her perofrnace as the titular role in Always...Patsy Cline, a beautiful two-hander show that depicts the unlikely friendship between the country star and her biggest fan, Louise. The show is scheduled to play again - indoors this time around - at Creative Cauldron in Falls Church.

June 2022 - Janet in Heartland

Sally is stoked to join the cast of Heartland with the Pipeline Playwrights, a group dedicated to producing the work of current women playwrights. The story of Heartland gripped Sally from the beginning; Janet is a young lawyer hired by a coalition of churches to represent their right to free speech. What happens when her personal morals don't align with the coalition she represents? 

May 2022 - Annabel Glick in Lucky Stiff

Sally stars as quirky, dog-loving lead in Nextstop Theatre Company's Lucky Stiff. She adores Annabel, a character with off-kilter charm and unwavering dedication, which lands her in Monte Carlo, somehow falling in love.





DEC 21



Catch Sally's upcoming cabaret, "Songs for a Winter's Night" on this year's winter solstice! She brings us through the shortest day of the year with songs of honesty, hope and holiday spirit. She is accompanied by exceptional talents:  Lucia LaNave (keys/voice), Dakota Kaylor (percussion), and Andrew Nixon (strings).

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